Eckert’s trip

First off, I want to share the package I received Wednesday afternoon:


My cloth diapers arrived!! (There is one more of the ribbit color – Kay was wearing it at the time)

I ended up buying 15 used BumGenius 3.0s from the Diaper Swapper forums. for $80. It was a great deal and I didn’t want to pass it up! They are aplix, which I wanted snaps but beggars can’t be choosers! The condition was very good – really just the aplix will need to be replace probably within the year. They still hold together very well, though!

I put the little miss in them today and she can’t possibly get any cuter!!
Speaking of today, she had her 4-month check up and is weighing in at 12 lbs 7 oz. and 23 & 1/2 inches long! She did get some vaccinations so she isn’t the happiest camper at the moment,


Anyway, Onto Eckert’s!! There are multiple locations (four, I think?) but we went to the one in Grafton, IL.

sm_img_0911 sm_img_0930 sm_img_0937 sm_img_0944 sm_img_0948 sm_img_0960

Kay was kinda ‘meh’ about the apple picking part. She did like the leaves and kept trying to eat them, though!


Hopefully this will be a yearly tradition so we will see how she grows!

sm_img_0996 sm_img_1006 sm_img_1007

The goats and yak at the petting zoo  were a huge hit! Kay loves watching and ‘petting’ animals. She got such a kick out of the goat who kept licking her hand.


Not even 10 minutes into the car drive home she conked right out!



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