Up All Night

Every since she cameImage home from the hospital, Kayleigh has been an excellent night-time sleeper – I got six hours straight of sleep the first night home. Naps were a different story once she turned about 3 weeks (half hour naps that I used to struggle for hours to get her to take) but everything has balanced out the past month.
She takes three half-hour to hour long naps throughout the day. Her nighttime routine is: feed her rice cereal at 6pm, then give her a bath and shes asleep by 7pm and normally sleeps until 7am with waking up to eat maybe twice a night (3am & 5am typically)

Until last weekend…

She has been showing signs of getting a tooth – excessive drooling, chewing, low-grade fever etc. The last four nights my wonderful sleeper who took maybe 15-20 minutes to get to sleep suddenly was taking an hour plus of crying, screaming and arm flailing. Then on top of that she has been waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back to sleep (Saturday night/Sunday morning was a repeat of the screaming, crying and whatnot).  Naps have been a little better but Tuesday she was awake for over 6 hours straight! She would act sleepy, fall asleep for about 15 minutes then wake back up and just want to play, play, play.

This morning, she woke up at 4am to eat and wanted to play and talk! Two hours later I got her back to sleep and got myself to sleep only to wake back up at 6am and she is laying next to me in bed, just talking to herself and hitting my face (It was so cute that you just can’t get mad!!)

Last night I gave her oralgel before I put her to bed and there was less crying and screaming so I think it helped. I just feel so sorry for my little girl!!

Speaking of rice cereal, she started it over a week ago and eats it like a champ! She seemed to grasp the idea of using the spoon right away and always wants more when we are finished! We are thinking about trying pureed carrots or applesauce in a few weeks for dinner and see how she does.img01

We are still working on sitting up – she can balance herself for a bit but eventually falls over. She’s getting better each day and I actually bought a Prince Lionheart bebePod (like a bumbo seat) for her when I saw it was on sale with free amazon prime shipping.


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