Operation: Lose the belly

At the beginning of 2012 Hubby and I got a gym membership and I worked out at least 3 days a week. Over the course of the year I lost 20 pounds. Now, it’s no secret that I HATE working out with a passion so that is quite an accomplishment for me. Then in August we stopped going to the gym because it changed owners and the new owners stopped maintaining the equipment as well and, well mainly they just sucked. Then in September I found out I was pregnant which make me so tired all the time so I stopped working out all together.

Currently, I am sitting at 10 pounds over what I weighed be going to the gym last year. And I am sick of it. But I also hate working out with a passion so losing weight is a big struggle for me. This month I am trying my darnedest to work out at least once a day. Whether it is going to the gym, walking around the park with Kay,  cycling  with Hubby or even just 15 minutes f cardio at home.

Whenever I wake up and think that I just want to sleep in, or that I can work out tomorrow I am trying to remind myself why I am doing this. I want to be the mom that can chase my daughter around without getting winded. I want to be the mom that can show my daughter how to live active and eat well, not the one who tells her to eat her vegetables while chowing down on a pizza (mmmm…. pizza….)

ImageThis isn’t just for me. It’s for Kayleigh, and all my future children, as well.


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