Fluff mail in route!

More cloth diapers are on the way!!KCorder101513I saw that Kelly’s Closet had a special for a free diaper with any $49+ purchase (sadly, it’s over already) so I looked into my diaper saving, saying if I had over $50 I would order some. I had $53 so guess who bought some cute diapers!! (hint: it’s me.)

I can’t wait for them to get here! I bought a Fuzzibun, a Blueberry, and a Kawaii (plus a sample package of Rockin’ Green to get my order over $49) I’m hoping I really like the Kawaii since they are the cheaper brand but I have heard so much about Fuzzibuns and Blueberry that I thought I should buy at least one.

I will definitely post pictures when they come in!

I am still loving my BumGenius 3.0s but I am noticing a few things that I don’t like but it’s all because they are used. First, the velcro/aplix doesn’t stay stuck to the laundry tabs which causes a huge wad of diapers when I pull them out of the wash. Second, the elastic around the legs of a few are relaxed to where I have to have them on Kay pretty tight to ‘seal’ around her bitty legs. I’m sure as she gets older and bigger it won’t be an issue, though!


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