Kawaii, Fuzzibunz & Swadlebee/Blueberry – One week review

I have been using my new diapers for about a week now and here are my thoughts so far

   IMG_1225 IMG_1226 IMG_1227 IMG_1229
Original One-size in Persian Green and Snazzy Minky One-size in Glossy Green
Kawaii diapers come with two large inserts that are perfect for nighttime. These are actually what I put Wiggles in at night and she has only had one small leak (she is a very heavy nighttime wetter)

They fit Kay pretty well with either both inserts or just the one – nice and tight around her top and legs without being too tight.
My only complaint is that the covers take longer to dry than the others for some reason. I’ll think they are dry and start to stuff them but when I put my hand inside it is still damp. Not a huge minus but it sucks if I’m trying to get the diapers done quickly.

IMG_1217 IMG_1216
Simplex 2.0 All-in-one Size Medium in the Owl Print
This is by far my favorite print. I love owls and they somehow became Kay’s ‘theme’. I actually bought this diaper just because of this print. I’m really glad I did too because right now it is my favorite out of the four. Kay is only around 13 pounds at 5 months and is a pretty trim little girl. This diaper on the smallest tabs fits her like a glove! I don’t foresee any leaks any time soon because it is just right.

My one negate is that the tabs go to the inside so since she is in the smallest tab setting she has all that extra pushing into her tummy. I don’t think it bothers her, though.

IMG_1220 IMG_1222
Perfect Size Small in Caribbean
I love the quality of the fuzzibunz but they don’t quite fit Kay as well as I like. I probably could have gotten away with a x-small but that is supposed to be up to 12lbs and Kay is over that already. The waist is fine (I use the second to smallest setting) but the legs just don’t fit like I would like them to. I’m sure as she gets older they will fit better.

I currently ordered 7 more Kawaii (two snazzy minky, one heavy wetter and the rest are all original) which should be here Tuesday. Althought I do like the Swaddlebees/Blueberry & Fuzzibunz, it’s  not in the budget to have my entire stash be such but I will definitely be buying more, especially the Simplex 2.0s


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