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Thanksgiving Fun

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!! We had a great time with the family. Of course Kay was passed around like a hot potato but she loved the attention!

 sm_img_1492 sm_img_1496 sm_img_1505 sm_img_1515 sm_img_1520 sm_img_1550

I also got an early Christmas present on Black Friday!!


A Canon 70D and two lenses!! I have been wanting a camera upgrade for a few years now and we finally bit the bullet and got me one!

The best part is that it can record video so I am going to try vlogging as well! I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but the only thing we had that shot video was our camera phones, which aren’t that great.




My mom recently bought an excersaucer from my cousin for Kay since she started ‘crawling’ and won’t stay in one place for long. I just have to say, She LOVES the exersaucer! If she isn’t playing in it, she’s playing under it.

sm_img_1419 sm_img_1420 sm_img_1422 sm_img_1424 sm_img_1438 sm_img_1439 sm_img_1440 sm_img_1441 sm_img_1442 sm_img_1444She’s also getting much better at sitting on her own (although she still refuses to try to sit up and rather crawl instead)sm_img_1465(Ignore the box in the background… I still need to ship a broken mixer to Kitchenaid! Talk about procrastination.)

Six Month Photo Shoot

When Kay was born my mom proudly gave me her hand-me-down christening gown. It was made from my Grandma’s wedding dress and her, her brothers and all her cousins were christened in that gown. However, Hubby and I are Christian, not Catholic, so we don’t christen babies. My mom was very upset when I told her this. However, I promised when she gets big enough I will take photos of her in the gown.
Last week I held up my promise. I can’t wait to show them to my mom!

IMG_1384 IMG_1395 IMG_1375

Kay kept trying to eat the dress so it was a very short ‘session’. The dress is very delicate and I didn’t want to risk any stains or rips.

I am in love with how they came out!!

Sleep strike


This past week Kay has been on a night time sleep strike. She has trouble going down, then sleeps fine until around midnight. After that, she wakes up every hour or so. I’m really hoping its because of a tooth coming in and nothing permanent.


In other news, someone is starting to figure out how to crawl. Time to start baby proofing!!

Camping with an Infant

This past weekend Hubby decided to switch some working days around so we could have an entire weeked together to go camping and four wheeling! (Hubby works weekends and I work his days off so it was some much needed family time)

Packing for ourselves wasn’t that hard but for Kay I had an bag filled with cloth diapers (all the new Kawaiis!), a pack-n-play and a travel bassinet


IMG_1268 IMG_1269

We headed down to St. Joe State Park around 11pm with a passed out Kay in the back seat. She slept the entire hour and a half ride down!

Some friends came along and brought their pop-up camper with them. We set Kay in the pack-n-play (with Juno keeping guard) and got everything settled.


sm_IMG_1276 sm_IMG_1274 sm_IMG_1278

Hubby, a friend and I went out riding the four wheelers while our other friends watched Kay, but it turned out to be a short trip since one of our four wheelers broke down (womp womp) So back we went. It was getting colder so I pulled out an adorable snow suit type thing for Kay to keep her warm while we all sat around the fire.

sm_IMG_1281 sm_IMG_1283 sm_IMG_1292 sm_IMG_1289

The next day was chiller than the first, but we started out with an awesome breakfast and possibly some leftover s’mores


Hubby and his buddy took a morning ride while the rest chilled out at camp.

sm_IMG_1309 sm_IMG_1311 sm_IMG_1310 sm_IMG_1308 sm_IMG_1307

My friend and I had an impromptu photo shoot with Kay since we couldn’t get over how cute she was in the bear suit!

sm_IMG_1310 sm_IMG_1316 sm_IMG_1327 sm_IMG_1322 sm_IMG_1318

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful – we packed up camp and headed down to the ATV parking lot for the rest of the day, then headed home when it started to get dark.

All in all it was a fun trip! Before Kay was born we had a few more camping trips planned but they all fell through. I’m glad we were able to get at least one

Trip to the Arch

Saturday,  friend and I decided to take the Metrolink down to the St. Louis Arch.

We bundled Kay up, since it was chilly out, and set off!


She got so many compliments on her adorable bunny jacket.

We made it to the top and of course had to get a picture at the highest point of the arch


Kay LOVED looking out the windows!

sm_img_1142 sm_img_1147 sm_img_1150


(even though I’m not a baseball fan, you always have to get a photo of Busch Stadium from the arch!)


Alas, it was time to go since someone was getting cranky and in need of a nap.


We decided to walk a few blocks to get on the Metro at the stadium stop.



(Someone was having wedding photos taken in the background. How fun!)

My tuckered out little bunny slept all the way from the Arch until we got off the Metro where my car was.


68f03bda2dfb11e3bf5322000a9f38c3_7Kayleigh and I both have been under the weather this weekend. She caught a cold and starting coughing and sneezing Friday night / Saturday morning. I feel so bad for the poor girl! I called the doctor’s office and they told me at her age they can’t recommend any medicine for the cough but instead of turn the shower on hot, let the steam fill up the bathroom and sit in the bathroom with her for a bit. It worked so far and she hasn’t had much of a cough since Sunday.

On a different note, I finally bought a rug for the living room! We only ripped up the carpet a year ago…7ddd3f062d1111e394a422000a1f9874_7Now Kayleigh and I won’t have to roll around on the hard floor (well, on a play mat on the hard floor). Much more comfortable!!

Up All Night

Every since she cameImage home from the hospital, Kayleigh has been an excellent night-time sleeper – I got six hours straight of sleep the first night home. Naps were a different story once she turned about 3 weeks (half hour naps that I used to struggle for hours to get her to take) but everything has balanced out the past month.
She takes three half-hour to hour long naps throughout the day. Her nighttime routine is: feed her rice cereal at 6pm, then give her a bath and shes asleep by 7pm and normally sleeps until 7am with waking up to eat maybe twice a night (3am & 5am typically)

Until last weekend…

She has been showing signs of getting a tooth – excessive drooling, chewing, low-grade fever etc. The last four nights my wonderful sleeper who took maybe 15-20 minutes to get to sleep suddenly was taking an hour plus of crying, screaming and arm flailing. Then on top of that she has been waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back to sleep (Saturday night/Sunday morning was a repeat of the screaming, crying and whatnot).  Naps have been a little better but Tuesday she was awake for over 6 hours straight! She would act sleepy, fall asleep for about 15 minutes then wake back up and just want to play, play, play.

This morning, she woke up at 4am to eat and wanted to play and talk! Two hours later I got her back to sleep and got myself to sleep only to wake back up at 6am and she is laying next to me in bed, just talking to herself and hitting my face (It was so cute that you just can’t get mad!!)

Last night I gave her oralgel before I put her to bed and there was less crying and screaming so I think it helped. I just feel so sorry for my little girl!!

Speaking of rice cereal, she started it over a week ago and eats it like a champ! She seemed to grasp the idea of using the spoon right away and always wants more when we are finished! We are thinking about trying pureed carrots or applesauce in a few weeks for dinner and see how she does.img01

We are still working on sitting up – she can balance herself for a bit but eventually falls over. She’s getting better each day and I actually bought a Prince Lionheart bebePod (like a bumbo seat) for her when I saw it was on sale with free amazon prime shipping.

Eckert’s trip

First off, I want to share the package I received Wednesday afternoon:


My cloth diapers arrived!! (There is one more of the ribbit color – Kay was wearing it at the time)

I ended up buying 15 used BumGenius 3.0s from the Diaper Swapper forums. for $80. It was a great deal and I didn’t want to pass it up! They are aplix, which I wanted snaps but beggars can’t be choosers! The condition was very good – really just the aplix will need to be replace probably within the year. They still hold together very well, though!

I put the little miss in them today and she can’t possibly get any cuter!!
Speaking of today, she had her 4-month check up and is weighing in at 12 lbs 7 oz. and 23 & 1/2 inches long! She did get some vaccinations so she isn’t the happiest camper at the moment,


Anyway, Onto Eckert’s!! There are multiple locations (four, I think?) but we went to the one in Grafton, IL.

sm_img_0911 sm_img_0930 sm_img_0937 sm_img_0944 sm_img_0948 sm_img_0960

Kay was kinda ‘meh’ about the apple picking part. She did like the leaves and kept trying to eat them, though!


Hopefully this will be a yearly tradition so we will see how she grows!

sm_img_0996 sm_img_1006 sm_img_1007

The goats and yak at the petting zoo  were a huge hit! Kay loves watching and ‘petting’ animals. She got such a kick out of the goat who kept licking her hand.


Not even 10 minutes into the car drive home she conked right out!