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Homemade Baby Food – Avocado

Second installment in my Homemade Baby Food series! This time I am going to talk about the easiest food I’ve had to make so far – Avocados! They require absolutely no cooking and can be fed right out of the shell.


I normally pick up two avocados from the store at a time which is enough for around 5 meals, give or take. To tell if an avocado is ripe it needs to be  soft (but not squishy) when you squeeze it.

With a knife, cut open the avocado. (There is a large seed inside so you’ll have to cut around it)

Open the avocado, remove the seed and using a spoon scrape out all the insides. You can literally scrape the everything off the ‘shell’ (skin? I don’t know exactly what it is called)

Mash with a fork and you are finished! Freeze or refrigerate. If you refrigerate, the top may turn brown overnight. Just mix it up and you are good to go!